Ten reasons for working with MAPCO
  1. MAPCO controls the quality of its products from the raw material to the final inspection. The selection of all components such as cuffs, joints, grease etc. is part of the daily work of our trained employees in Germany and Asia. All parts are underlaid with drawings. Many of our competitors buy the parts in the market and pack them only in their own boxes.

  2. MAPCO basically identifies every product with the trademark. Additionally all parts are marked with the place of manufacture, the production data and the batch number. This allows the traceability of the products up to the date of manufacture. The result is a "guarantee quota" of as many as two per thousand. These two per thousand are still the result of generous interpretation to the benefit of the customer.

  3. All products are always produced at least in O.E. quality. If the O.E. manufacturer demonstrably has not worked well enough or the technology has progressed significantly, the parts will be redesigned. The result is an HPS product (High Performance Standard). Here were so sensitive and trouble-prone products like the
    • Aluminum four-link axle for VAG
    • Stabiliser drop links for most vehicles
    • Ball joints and handlebar arms for BMW E 36, E 46 etc.

    further developed by our engineers and therefore made much more wear-resistant.

  4. The MAPCO production program covers a large part of the mechanical and electronic wear parts on the vehicle. Today we count over 27,000 individual parts, which are combined in five product columns with a total of 59 product families. (See individual catalogs on the MAPCO homepage).

  5. MAPCO offers every product family in full depth.
    „From ALFA ROMEO to VOLVO“ is one of the Slogans by MAPCO.
    We have car parts for all major European and Asian vehicle manufacturers in stock. Of course we have adjusted on the program of American manufacturers whose vehicles are sold in Europe or Asia.

  6. MAPCO not only leads these articles theoretically, but also offers these 27,000 articles for delivery. Very large central warehouses in Brück and Borkheide (about 50 km south of Berlin) as well as a rock-solid, largely equity-financed financial structure allow a stock of more than one year on average. That's why the availability of MAPCO products is exceptionally high. In our sales department in Borkheide the employees works from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm to meet all customer requests on a daily basis. The last overnight express pickup arrives at 8.30 pm and delivers the order within a certain radius before 8 am the next morning.

  7. In recent years a total of eleven RegionalCENTERs have been set up in Germany, which can supply our customers every hour. Around 11,000 references, a total of 80,000 parts, will be held for daily needs. Overnight shipping replenishes the parts sold and larger orders are delivered for same day delivery. Each RegionalCENTER offers a detailed training program and technical support.

  8. The MAPCO online shop complements classic distribution channels with a sophisticated virtual structure. As a registered customer you can see at a glance your own purchase price and the availability of the car parts. Our database is based on the TecDoc data, which allow a fast and routine determination of the parts.

  9. MAPCO is independent in every respect. We do not seek cooperation with purchasing associations and central offices. This saves high bonus and administrative costs, which reduce margins. We prefer to provide these directly to our customers. Bonus contracts, linked to sales developments, are available directly to our customers.

  10. Out of all that follows: A cooperation with MAPCO improves the success with our customers sustainably. An improvement in the sales margin by 50% is easily possible. There is no middleman who earns the profits of the wholesaler and at the same time is his strongest regional competitor. Our ingenious logistics concept also relieves our customers of cost-intensive warehousing.

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