Over one million sending minutes with MAPCO-Mechanic

The Mechanic is a professional automobile mechanic. Even as he was a child he liked to help his father with crafting the family car. As a teenager, he screwed on vehicles of friends and relatives. The Mechanic has an extraordinary relationship with everything that has four wheels, and of course also works as a hobby mechanic on his own vehicles. Of cource a special role played his first own car, a Golf II tornado red. Today he shares this enthusiasm and motoring experience exclusively with a broad community at MAPCO-TV .

In cooperation with the TV provider "Teltowkanal 13" and under Involvement of "motortalk.de" were produced a lot of Videospots with tips on assembling parts around Drive Train & Bearings, Braking System, Electrical & Accessories, Suspension & Steering and Engine & Filter are produced.

The highest access rate for the Mechanic spots was the popular topic with over 93,000 clicks and just under 400,000 minutes of transmission time changing the brake disc. By a long way the spots follow timing belt change and for Track and tie-rod change.

The spots enjoy great popularity not only among employees of workshops and trainees, also car owners who prefer to carry out repairs on their vehicles, inform themselves here. Especially for these the Mechanic has an important tip: "Always insure the support of a professional."

The Mechanic videos you can found at YouTube, Facebook and on the homepage of MAPCO at MAPCO TV.

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