Titans of the racetrack 2019 - Announcement

From the 28th to the 30th of June the 18th will take place
"Heavy horse race in Brandenburg".

As main sponsor MAPCO Autotechnik GmbH supports the titans and others with coupling sensors, brakes and similar Parts that can also be used on horse-drawn vehicles.
"The legendary heavy horse race "Titans of the racetrack" in the small town of Brück, about 50 km south of Berlin, celebrates the 18th anniversary in 2019. The equestrian event, organized by the established in 2002 Kaltblut Zucht- und Sportverein Brück e V., is a family festival around equestrian sport with many sporting challenges for the active participants and their horses, where not only horse fans, but people of all stripes, from all over Europe meet." (Source: Titanenderrennbahn.de)

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