About MAPCO Autotechnik GmbH

MAPCO products have been sold with enormous success in Germany since 1977. Over the last 30 years millions of MAPCO products have been fitted to a multitude of different vehicle applications. Customer satisfaction still commands the highest priority. Originally founded as a PLC in France, the company now coordinates its entire activities as MAPCO Autotechnik GmbH from its headquarters in Borkheide, near Berlin.

MAPCO in Brück

MAPCO has made itself a name in the last four decades all over Europe as a brake specialist. Although the total sales programme for other automotive replacement parts has been dramatically extended during this period, MAPCO has not neglected its original specialism and has continually developed and enhanced its range of brake parts.

MAPCO steering and suspension parts have been available to the German market since 1985. However the programme entered its most dynamic growth phase, leading up to the impressive dimensions which have now been reached, from 1995 onwards. The new technologies for front and rear axle constructions introduced by the vehicle manufacturers in the Nineties, has lead led to an explosive growth in the market potential for these replacement parts. Far in excess of 3500 individual items are carried in this product group. The corresponding catalogue with original photos and illustrations is clearly presented and practice-oriented. The quality, price and availability of these parts set new standards in the marketplace.

MAPCO steering racks for servo-assisted and mechanical steering round off the programme. Once again the automotive industrys sustained policy in the Nineties, aimed at increasing the comfort and safety of cars, has created a completely new replacement parts market.

2022 - The company history is continued

MAPCO, a classic family-operating company, is to be managed further into the future. After almost 45 years, this task will now be taken over by another generation.
For our customers nothing will be changed. You will continue to profit from the wide MAPCO product range, the quality standards, services and fair prices.

BBB Industries, LLC (BBB), a company founded in 1987 and headquartered in Daphne (Alabama), which has meanwhile grown into an international group of companies, has acquired MAPCO Autotechnik GmbH.
BBB has acquired four companies in Europe since 2019, including Industrial Metalcaucho S.L., which acts as the lead company in Europe and is responsible for the integration of MAPCO into the group.


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