Forecast: 20 percent online share in the automotive parts trade by 2025

The German market for passenger car spare parts in 2013 amounted to almost 15 billion euros. 11 percent of this - about 1.6 billion euros - have already been generated via the Internet, reports the industry service "kfz-betrieb online". According to a recent study by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, the German online spare parts market will grow rapidly in the coming years. MAPCO has taken this development into account and, as a manufacturer, has been offering its entire range of over 20,000 articles online since 2012, also on this homepage.

The Consulter expect by 2025 in the spare parts market for automobiles an online share of about 20 percent. "That would be a sales volume of around 3.6 billion euros," says the study. To be able to use the considerable business potential, the online providers would have to develop a high level of brand awareness and adapt their product and service offerings precisely to the customer's needs. Currently, according to the study, more than 60 percent of the online supply of spare parts to end customers and 30 percent of workshops.

Crucial purchase criteria are primarily the favorable price, the simple handling of the ordering process and the good availability of the parts. The Roland Berger study thus confirms the results of a recently published study on the online parts trade of the Munich consulting firm TNS Infratest.


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