MAPCO is certified as a Premier Data Supplier (PDS) by TecAlliance

We deliver the best data quality

In parts trade of the automotive industry, the TecDoc® Catalog is the leading vehicle and spare parts catalog worldwide. As a brake and chassis specialist in the aftermarket parts trade, MAPCO has been a data supplier since the very beginning.

The TecDoc® standard means globally recognized highest data quality in terms of efficiency and transparency in terms of comparability with original spare parts.
That is why, as a data supplier, we work every day to provide you, the customer, with up-to-date and comprehensive information as a basis for precise and smooth spare parts identification.

Since the status "TecAlliance CERTIFIED DATA SUPPLIER" CDS was awarded, we have successfully defended these quality requirements every quarter of the year.

New status for data quality "PREMIER DATA SUPPLIER" PDS

The new status "PREMIER DATA SUPPLIER" PDS recognizes the commitment of the data suppliers, whose data meet the highest quality standards in an exceptional way. That means: We meet all CDS criteria as well as additional, significantly stricter content requirements with regard to aspects of product content.

We are proud of that!

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Premier Data Supplier TecAlliancesupported by TecDoc
The data shown here, especially the complete database, may not be copied. It is strictly prohibited to duplicate the data and database and distribute the same, and/or instruct third parties to engage in such activities, without prior consent from TecAlliance. Any use of content in a manner not expressly authorized constitutes copyright infringement and violators will be prosecuted.