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Vehicle spare parts from MAPCO Autotechnik are produced with the same specifications as the original parts of the corresponding vehicle manufacturers. In some cases the quality can be significantly improved by our own engineers, turning a standard product into an innovative MAPCO High Performance Standard (HPS) product. Sometimes MAPCO HPS Products are in parts of quality better than the original, and they are extremely durable.

MAPCO Stabilizer Struts

The HPS Stabilizer Struts are made of 12 mm thick round steel. The material thickness of the original part is usually only 8 mm. The MAPCO HPS product has a higher resistance to bending, which extends the life of the ball joints. MAPCO HPS products are technically innovative and wear-resistant.

Tie Rod Ends

We use for our products, such as stabilizer bars, tie rod ends, handlebar arms, suspension kits, suspension joints only semi-synthetic greases for permanently lubricated ball joints, which offer a high corrosion protection and greatly reduce stick-slip.

Ball Joint and Cuff

In all joints of these articles we use joint balls with a mirror-smooth surface. So the abrasion and wear is reduced and increases the life of the joints. Further this processing leads to low break-in times.
Special sleeves are mainly transparent in our HPS products. They increase the temperature range and improve the durability of the sleeves.

MAPCO® quality products tested in Germany - successful worldwide.

The innovative HPS technology is protected. Functionally relevant quality features have been extensively tested in extensive test procedures. Particular attention was paid to the strength of the material used, the resistance to environmental influences and the wear tests, which showed a very good performance of the HPS products in all areas.

Be better than the standard with MAPCO HPS products.

MAPCO Autotechnik products are sold worldwide and are available in many countries. Many customers swear, tested quality from Germany is the Best. The great success in many international markets is clear evidence of the performance of MAPCO products and customer satisfaction.

HPS carbon brake pads protect the environment

HPS-Carbon-Brake Pads

MAPCO Autotechnik, THE full-line supplier of automotive consumables, is wellknown as a brake specialist since the 1970s. Now the manufacturer has innovatively expanded its exclusive HPS program. Carbon brake pads are available for numerous vehicle models, which are characterized by reduced wear, better braking performance and a longer service life. In addition, the high-performance standard (HPS) made of carbon fiber protects the environment.

The new coverings are made of a high-tech blend of carbon-kevlar®, which accounts for at least 15 percent. The extreme material hardness leads to significantly reduced abrasion on the brake disc. This increases the life of the pads and leads to a noticeable improvement in ride comfort. Because the optimum operating temperature of the high-quality rubbers is 700 degrees under all driving conditions, overheating of the rubbers is not possible. The dreaded brake feeding with a long press on the brake pedal is eliminated.

The glazing of the coverings can only occur to a minor extent. The high-quality Carbon-Kevlar® mix also prevents the solid rusting during longer periods of use or the corrosion by wet and gritty salt crucially. The carbon pads have a 50 percent longer life. Immediately after installation, the new HPS carbon brake pads show their tangible benefits.

The braking properties in wet conditions are noticeably better than with standard rubbers. This also includes the absence of pedal and steering wheel flaps. Because of the lower abrasion results the less brake dust has positive consequences for the environment. Carbon brakes contribute less to the particulate matter in the air, especially in cities. Because the rims are less soiled, the use of aggressive rim cleaners can be reduced many times.

HPS pads are made of a high-tech friction agent:
The carbon-kevlar mixture has a content of minimum 15 %.

The metal content is below 10 %.
The remainder consists of temperature-resistant fillers such as synthetic or natural resins

Normal MAPCO rubbers are low-metallic rubbers.
The proportion of metal and copper is between 10 - 30 %.
The rest is graphite with inorganic fillers.

Advantages of the innovative HPS brake pads

  • Improved ride comfort
  • 50 % longer lifetime
  • Faster braking after assembly
  • Less wear on coverings and discs
  • improved brake values, for example in the wet
  • no freezing after long periods
  • Reduced Noise
  • Less brake dust and so environmentally friendly

HPS-Brake discs are coated and carburized

Advantages of coated Brake Discs
Excellent corrosion protection Viewing range of the light metal rims impeccable
Protection of the ventilation openings no rusting possible
Protection of the wheel hubs (mounting surfaces) Flash rust remains off
Impeccable look even after prolonged use
Advantages of carburized Brake Discs
Corresponding OE-Standard Cast Plate GG 20
high carbon content better thermal conductivity
Strong load only minimized scoring
optimized chemical composition less scratches, heat cracks, brake noise and vibrations

HPS-Brake kits Accessories

Brake sets accessories

Repair kits save time and money for the workshop and its customers. MAPCO is responding to the ever-increasing demand and is expanding the offering of Brake Kits.
The new HPS Brake Products come as a kit with accessories for Brake Pads (brackets, screws, braces) and included Warning Contacts: All Brake Pads have matching anti-vibration plates!

ECE Regulation: R 90 - Replacement brake pad assemblies for cars and trailers.
Certainly in the norm. MAPCO disc brake pads and brake shoes have been in compliance with the ECE R90 standard for many years. Brake Drums and Brake discs have this release from November 2016. As a brake specialist, we guarantee our high performance standard and deliver only certified spare parts.

HPS-Hybrid-Wiper Blades

HPS-Hybrid-Windshield Wipers, which perform flawless and quiet work even with high contact pressure.

HPS-Windscreen Wiper Product Advantages

Product Advantages HPS-Windscreen Wiper:

5 different mounting clips guarantee a trouble-free installation of the wiper blade for all common attachment types.

Plastic holder:
Guarantees a high resistance to aging due to heat and cold and metabolic degradation.

Flexible hard steel carrier:
Adapts to any disc curvature and is rustproof.

Wiper blade rubber:
This rubber is extremely quiet thanks to a special seal and yet resistant to UV radiation.

HPS - High Performance Standard:
Rubber compound according to the latest high performance standard work in any climate.

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